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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Viva Skin Clinics - Proof That Fillers Can Look Natural

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw that a couple of weeks ago I took a trip down to London to visit Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinics. The lovely Chloe from Viva contacted me a while ago asking me if I would love to collaborate with clinic, and after seeing lots of other bloggers positive reviews I was so excited to be contacted!

Fillers has been something that I have thought about before even being contacted by Viva Skin Clinics, but I hadn't actually been brave enough to go ahead with planning to get any treatments before then. I think one of the main reasons was down to the huge negative stigma that surrounds any type of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatment. Even though I was super scared, I decided to ignore everyone around mes negative opinions (my boyfriend and my mum hated the idea of me having anything done!), and just go for it.

I have only ever visited London a few times on my own, which means I don't find getting around the easiest of tasks (aka, I am always getting lost). After getting super sweaty on the tube, and managing to find my way to The Magnolia Rooms in Putney, I got the chance to meet Dr Rupert. Even though I was so nervous to get fillers for the first time, he put me completely at ease and talked me through the whole process first.

As he handed me a mirror, he asked me to talk to him and point out any issues I had so he could understand more the sort of look I was trying to achieve.

My first instinct was always going to be to decide to have some lip fillers. I don't have the biggest lips and i'm guilty of over lining my lips way too much sometimes. What I hated the most was that my top lip was virtually non existent in comparison to my bottom lip. I didn't want super huge Kylie Jenner style lips. Well, actually, I would love that, but I still want them to look natural. Looking natural was the most important think to me when getting fillers. 

Not only did I hate my lips, but I have always been super conscious of my side profile. I have always though that it looked quite 'flat' from the side, so I ask the Dr what he thought would be best for this. He suggested some fillers in the cheek. At first, I do have to admit I was super sceptical. I have chubby cheeks and a round face anyway, so I didn't want this to be exaggerated. But, Dr Rupert explained to me how this would not be the case, and it would actually help to lift my cheeks and make them appear less chubby. I completely trusted in what he said and we went ahead and got on with the treatments! 

I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that the treatments did not hurt at all. Local anesthetic is applied beforehand, meaning that the only thing I felt was a little pinch. The process was also super quick, so quick in fact I couldn't believe we had finished, and I was super happy with the results! My top lip was lifted and plumped, but so subtle that so many people haven't even noticed, but that was exactly how I wanted it to be. I had a small amount of swelling, and now that's gone down I would love to go and have a little more in my lips, and that will 100% be with Dr Rupert as he did such a fantastic job! 

Again, my cheeks were super subtle, but just added a little tweak to my face which has made me so much happier in myself. I took Arnica tablets a week beforehand to the treatment, which meant that I didn't get any bruising after. People who didn't know I had anything done didn't even notice, and people did complimented how subtle it looked whilst making such a positive difference at the same time. 

I 100% think the negative stigma surrounding fillers needs to be taken away. The only reason I hadn't had anything before is because of this, but I am so glad that Viva Skin Clinics encouraged me to go ahead with some treatments, as they have had a super positive effect. I will literally not trust anyone else with my dace other than Dr Rupert, and I am excited to hopefully go back to see him very soon!

If you fancy visiting Viva Skin Clinics yourself, then you can head to their website by clicking on this sentence. I would also recommend visiting the Viva Skin Clinics Instagram page where can see loads more of their fabulous work!

And finally, here are some before and after photos, and also a selfie after any minor swelling had gone down!



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