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Monday, September 24, 2018

Fashion Picks for Autumn/Winter at Victoria Retail Park Nottingham

If you follow me on social media then you will probably know that a few weeks ago I visited Victoria Retail Park in Nottingham to do some shopping for A/W. I literally do not know where summer went, I feel like one second we was having a huge heatwave, and now it's gone straight to Winter (and I hate it!) Despite always being super cold, going into Winter makes the perfect excuse to revamp my wardrobe and get in some new pieces. Since finishing uni and starting work, I feel like I want to completely revamp my wardrobe, which is what my trip to Victoria Retail Park helped me with! 

If you've never visited, Victoria Retail Park is located just a few miles outside of Nottingham city centre, and has a variety of stores such as TK Maxx, Boots, Next, and even a Mcdonalds! Whilst you can't beat either shopping online, or heading to your nearest shopping centre, I love changing it up now and then and heading to retail parks like Victoria. I always seem to find pieces which I don't always spot within the hustle and bustle of a shopping centre, especially within stores like TK Maxx.
 Speaking about TK Maxx brings me onto one of the first stores I visited whilst at Victoria Retail Park. I love looking through Winter trends as I am obsessed with having an unnecessary amount of coats in my wardrobe. So many different coats transition from one A/W to the next, so I never feel like I am wasting my money when I decided to invest in a good coat. Tk Maxx has so many different options from shearling jackets, to full on fur coats. What I really loved is that they actually had pieces in from online stores like Missguided.
One trend which I really felt was popular within both Tk Maxx, and Next were checks! I think checks are popular every A/W, and I fell in love with so many pieces - including this blue checked skirt (which they sadly didn't have in my size). 

 Not only do I love to stock up on A/W fashion pieces, I always love making sure that I am up to date with the latest beauty trends, which is why I also headed into Boots when I was at Victoria Retail Park. My fave colours for A/W are always darker and more festive colours, alongside lots and lots of glitter! I'm so excited to see all the new ranges for Halloween hitting beauty stores soon.

 When I finally got to Next, I was torn between both of the fashion trends which I have previously mentioned, checks and coats! I was obsessed with the grey checked coat which had orange accents - I though it would look amazing alongside a little mini orange bag and matching orange court heels for a pop of colour. But then, as soon as I tried on the leopard print coat I instantly fell in love. Everyone is wearing leopard print at the moment and I think the version of the print featured on this coat is just so elegant and feels such high quality. I was super happy to find out that it also came in petite, as I'm super short and coats which are longline always seem to drown me.

I was so so happy with final purchase and I literally haven't stopped wearing my new coat since! I have no doubt i'll be back to soon to check out what more pieces they have in as the season goes on. 
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