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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What to Wear on a Night Out With Pretty Little Thing

It's always the worst thing when you have an occasion coming up, but literally have no idea in your head what kind of thing you should, or want to wear. I can list so many times when i've just felt so uninspired about planning an outfit that when it comes to the day and you have nothing planned, it causes way much more stress than what it's worth. Cue a 'i'm not going because i've got nothing to wear' moment. Well, as if they didn't already save my life enough by always providing the best pieces to fill my wardrobe, Pretty Little Thing also now ensure that they provide all the fashion inspo, with their new 'What to Wear' categories on their site. I chose to speak about their 'What to Wear on a Night Out' category because i'm always the one stressing over what to wear before a big night out (which means yes I am the bain of my friends lives before a night out haha!) But, they also have a few other fab sections which are super helpful which include: 

Red Bandage Dress - Pretty Little Thing* | Fur Bag - Pretty Little Thing*

The Night Out section has the perfect combination of styles which are perfect for each different dressy occasion. My go-to style for night's out are always bodycon styles, as you can probably see from my pick of styles on this post! I decided to feature an array of different styles so that you are able to see the different kind of pieces which are available to shop on the section. So whether that be bright fuchsia co-ords, or simple LBD dresses, PLT have literally thought of something for everyone.  I think the most important thing on a night out is to wear what you are comfortable in, which is why I think it's so fab that Pretty Little Thing have made sure to cater for everyone. 

Pink Top - Pretty Little Thing* | Pink Trousers - Pretty Little Thing* |

It also doesn't just stop at clothing. PLT also have included the perfect accessories to go with each category. I am obsessed with well accessorized outfits, I never really feel complete unless i'm wearing a belt or something like a quirky bag or necklace. My absolute favorites are these little fluffy bags. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for making so many different outfits look even cuter than they already are. 

I have just featured a snippet of my favorites available on the category and PLT site within this post. If you want to find some of your own faves, then you can do by heading to the the PLT What to Wear on a Night Out category by clicking here

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