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Friday, March 03, 2017

My Travel Bucket List with South Beach Official

Travelling is something which is a new love of mine. I think everyone can agree that there is nothing better than having a trip planned to look forward to and to be able to explore cities completely different to your own. Last year I was lucky enough to visit Budapest with my boyfriend Lewis which was completely different to any holiday I have ever been on. The culture was so different and it was so fun to be able to spend time in a place I had never thought to visit before. I had the best time, and since then there has been so many places that I have seen and decided I want the chance to visit one day. So in celebration of South Beach’s SS17 collection, this post is a run through of the top 5 destinations on my travel bucket list.

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Pink Bikini - South Beach Official*

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South Beach are one of my favorite brands for swimwear. I sometimes struggle getting things to fit as I have a larger bust in comparison to my frame, but South Beach bikinis always seem to fit perfect. I think the Coral Bikini featured 100% has to be my fave as I think it is so flattering and also feels so secure! Also, Coral always looks amazing with a tan, so this is definitely going to a bikini I take with me to Ibiza this year. 

1.      Thailand

Thailand is somewhere I would love the chance to visit if I were to go travelling when I graduate. Me and my friend Lucy always say that it is something we must do when we finish uni, purely because it seems to be so beautiful but so cheap for a traveller! Spending the whole summer in Thailand would be literally a dream come true and something I really hope I end up doing.

2.       Miami

Who doesn’t want to visit Miami? If I could afford to travel to Miami right now I would. Miami Beach looks like the dreamiest place to visit, and being not just a beach location but also a city – I think it literally would be my perfect holiday destination.

3.       The Amalfi Coast

The saddest thing is the main reason I want to visit The Amalfi Coast is because I could get some insane pictures for my blog and Instagram whilst I was there haha! But seriously it looks so so pretty, and I can imagine it would be amazing to be able to hire a car and drive right along it.

4.       Bali

There was recently a blogger I follow on Instagram who travelled to Bali and I was so jealous looking at all her posts! It seriously looks like the most beautiful and fun place to visit, somewhere me and my boyfriend always say we want to go and I really hope we do one day!

5.       Australia

Last but of course not least I would love the chance to visit Australia! I don’t have a place in Australia I would love to visit, I think I would love the chance to do it all. The life out there just looks amazing, and I think definitely at the top of my bucket list. 

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